View from the 1000 yard firing-point

We are are probably the largest member-owned range complex in Great Britain if not Europe.  Records indicate that target shooting took place in our valley as early as 1860 – as a result of the Volunteer Rifle Corps Act of 1859.  The Ranges as we see them today, were formalised some time later and records show that the Range House was constructed by the military in 1897

Today, the Ranges are wholly owned and managed by the Pennine Shooting Sports Association.


The range complex is extensive covering 660 acres, with four separate ranges, all with covered and open firing-points offering fullbore rifle shooting out to 1000 yards.

The outdoor shooting facilities are backed up with a substantial stone-built Range House complete with toilet, kitchen facilities, members lounge, general clubroom and a well-equipped shop.


We have a large, active membership and cater for most shooting disciplines (check Disciplines menu).  Formal competitions are held every weekend (check Calendars menu) throughout the year and we also host several national events, including Practical Rifle, GB F Class, BPCR and Benchrest plus our famous Egg Shoot and Fly Shoot.


All visitors must sign the PSSA Visitor book with details of their FAC which must list the firearms to be used. The fee should be paid in cash and all details verified and countersigned by a PSSA member. The visitor fee is £20 per day or part of a day. A ‘visitor’ ID badge must be worn.

Visitors are restricted to four visits per calendar year.

Mid-week, visitors may only attend as a guest of a PSSA member. See Contacts menu.

With mid-week competitions, visitors may attend at the invitation of the competition organiser. See Calendars menu.

At weekends, visitors may attend and take part in a PSSA competition, subject to a pre-arranged entry with the shoot organiser. See Calendars menu

Visitors intending to shoot in a competition must have ‘Target Shooting’ on their FAC.

Weekend visitors not intending to shoot in a competition – i.e. sighting-in, plinking etc are welcome but only on the 100 yard ranges.  

Any visitor NOT holding an FAC must be a member of another Home Office approved club and supply evidence of this (if he/she intends to shoot a borrowed firearm).

Overseas visitors with the appropriate Visitor Permit and reference from their own club Secretary/Membership Secretary may visit to shoot midweek or weekends if sponsored by a  PSSA Committee member. See Contacts menu.

How to find us

The Range is situated approximately 10 miles north-east of Manchester. The postcode is OL3 5LB